Monday, August 9, 2010

Big Pimpin' in Positano

I just got back from a majah vacay in Positano, Italy, AKA the Amalfi coast, with some of my besties, Chad and Ken. Props to Chad for hooking us up with a fabulous villa with a kick ass terrace and an amazing view!! Full disclosure: I will be posting MANY photos over the course of the next week or so. I am not doing this to rub it in or to gloat (although it was fabulosity at it's finest), I just have a ton of excellent blog material! So let me present Positano: A Day in the Vacationing Life.

The entrance to our pad. Pimpinella is evidently a plant genus to which anise belongs.

Our villa and terrace is nestled in here. Find the fluffy pine tree and white arch in about the center of the photo (to the right of the massive bougainvillea) and you'll get the gist of where we were living it up.

The view of our terrace walking in from the front door.

Turning around to make sure that really is a hammock. Yep.

Our dining nook where we enjoyed some fabulous meals and a bit of wine. A bottle per person is normal, right?

Some of the floral and fauna of our terrace and surroundings. Actually the fauna mostly presented itself in the way of slugs.

Did I mention the steps? Yeah. No elevators here. The only way in and out of our villa, and the way into the center of town, or just to the beach, was to enjoy some stairmaster action au naturel. It was 123 steps from the villa just up to the street. I'm thinking about 10 times that to the beach. I could barely walk when I got out of bed in the morning.

The view on the way to the beach.

A local hotel sign that I dug.

La spiaggia! We went to the little beach, Il Fornillo, rather than the very crowded Spiaggia Grande.

Our daily beach seats.

Did I mention the "sand"? A person needs to get used to this grain size, unless you are a child in which case you can run around on these hot rocks in bare feet all day. We considered rolling around on them to give ourselves hot rock massages, but put on our flip flops and jumped in the Med instead.

The view walking back into town.

Check out the patch of orange next to the sea. That's Spiaggia Grande. Not so grande now...

More flora on our terraza.

Ah...dusk and the view from Villa Pimpinella.

Buona notte.


WendyB said...

So beautiful! I haven't been there since 2001. Wasn't a fan of the pebble beaches either and stuck to the pool!

stef m said...

Wow! Amazing photos. I'm daydreaming....

Melissa said...

Great photos Tina! I am soooo jealous! I LOVE the Amalfi Coast.... ahhhhhhhhhh dreamy!