Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Cuatro de Mayo

OMG!!! I can't believe that I completely forgot that tomorrow is Cinco de Mayo! This is my holiday! I mean, I've thrown some pretty mean Cinco de Mayo parties in my day, but then I got tired of the prep and clean up. I'm old.


The Wrinkly Slut

I have a really great margarita recipe to share as well, but since I forgot about the holiday, I forgot to make it! Maybe I will remember on diez de Mayo. Don't worry. It will be perfect all summer long! In the meantime, check out these recipes from The New York Times and peruse some of my themed recipes below (and above!). From good old guacamole to my blog originator, The Wrinkly Slut, I have some tasty treats for mañana. Or, if you're planning to go out to sample one of the many margarita options, be sure to stop by the Eater/The Little Owl pop-up taco extravaganza. I need to get myself over there...

Potato, Pepper & Chorizo Empanadas

Black Bean Dip

Shrimp & Jalapeño Quesadillas


WendyB said...

Should we go out?

Jennifer said...

Cinco de Mayo doesn't count without out. We need to go to Cabrito. ASAP!