Sunday, July 5, 2009

Is It Iced Coffee Weather?

Hell yes, it's iced coffee weather! Finally. And I've decided that I don't care what the coffee snobs say. Making cold brewed coffee is not significantly better than just brewing an extra strong pot of joe and then throwing it in the fridge. Here's why: A) You can brew a greater quantity of hot coffee. B) Your daily $1.99 iced coffee from the corner coffeeteria is definitely not cold brewed anyway. C)
You'll never do a side by side taste test. D) The real key to perfect iced coffee is coffee ice cubes, just as I originally thought in my first iced coffee post.

You know how your iced coffee only tastes good until you're halfway through it, and then it just tastes like coffee flavored water? (Mmmmm. Can I have some more stale ice cubes to melt in my room temperature coffee?) Coffee ice cubes change all that! If anything, your iced coffee gets more intense as you drink it. It's fabulous!

(Sidebar: While enjoying my iced coffee during Breakfast at Wimbledon on Sunday morning, I was completely distracted by the woman in the black and white gingham number seated behind Pete Sampras. Did anyone else notice that her top was unbuttoned, revealing her unmentionables and stomach EVERY time NBC panned to Pete? It was crazy! You think someone could have told her. Or maybe she did it...on purpose?) Update: Check out this YouTube video at 2:48 when the wardrobe malfunction appears.

The Perfect Iced Coffee How-To

Step 1. Brew extra strong hot coffee. Chill. Make coffee ice cubes.

Step 2. Gaze lovingly upon said coffee ice cubes.

Step 3. Place coffee ice cubes in a glass.

Step 4. Add iced coffee (and milk and sugar). Stir. Enjoy!


Liseyj said...

LOVE THIS! I am definitely going to try it! Iced Coffee is my favorite! I drink it all year long...

ZOMZOM said...

I was too busy looking at those horrendous sunglasses that Pete Sampras had on, way too sporty for his jacket and tie... You go girl with your iced coffee, add some Khalua next time you make it.

WendyB said...

What? I totally missed this Wimbledon fashion faux pas. Screen cap, please!

Tina said...

Li - You should make it during your staycation!

Zom - Those glasses were terrible! Way to small and pointy. Even Bridget's weren't very fashionable.

Wendy - I haven't been able to find any photos of the mishap. Every one I've seen so far features Pete's head centered in from of the woman so that you can't see anything.

ATigerInTheKitchen said...

Coffee ice cubes...brilliance. And I totally missed that sleazy flesh-flashing...I've got to watch tennis more often!

thecatskillkiwi said...

I may never look at iced coffee the same way again, coffee cubes is music to my ears!

mega said...

firstly, coffee cubes are genius!
and thanks, i love a good public wardrobe malfunction.... the black bra is scandalous.
while on the subject...i have to add that i had a roddick & (wife?) sighting today on 17th & broadway!! it was a good one...though celeb sightings suck when you are alone with no one to nudge.

Tina said...

whoa! andy and brooklyn are already back? i guess you hop on the first plane to get outta england after you have that kind of disappointing loss!

stef m said...

i enjoyed iced coffee with my breakfast with wimbeldon experience as well but have no idea how i missed that wardrobe malfunction! hilarious.