Monday, July 20, 2009

Harold and Maude

Last night I went to see Harold and Maude in Bryant Park.



Since you have to get there super early to secure your spot on the lawn (Thanks, Chad!), I had plenty of time to enjoy a feast of cheese, cheese, cheese, crackers, cheese, and wine. Might I suggest that on your next picnic you consider a sparkling Malbec? We actually enjoyed some very nice red wine last night, but I did recently try the sparkling Malbec. The color alone is pretty spectacular but it tastes pretty good too. Try it! You'll like it! And if you don't, just send me the leftovers.

Sparkling Malbec


Liseyj said...

YUM!! Jeremy will love that! Where did you buy it?

Chad said...

"Dont be shy, just let your feelings roll on by" - Cat Stevens.

Tina said...

Li-Check out Astor Place!

Chad-Perfectly appropriate quote.

stef m said...

in all the years i lived in ny, never managed to make it to bryant park for a film. hmmmm. that color should be a crayon.