Friday, May 15, 2009

Think Pink

It's summer, or nearly summer, and I'm ready for my summer drinks! Gin and Tonics, Sancerres, Pimm's No. Ones, Rosés. Fortunately for me, the awesome food department that I work with has recently been setting up wine tastings with select wine councils. Today's tasting focused on Rosés from the Loire Valley. Score! They paired them with BBQ ribs and chicken. Who knew? I always see people drinking pitchers of beer with their BBQ so the Rosé was a surprisingly delicious pairing (and maybe a little girly - not sure if I'll be seeing a bunch of dudes sharing a bottle of Rosé over their chicken wings and half racks). My favorite was the Remy Pannier Rosé d'Anjou 2008. It retails for an affordable $9.99. I'm going to stock up and then plan my next vacation in France, tasting my way from Sancerre to Savennières. Cheers to all my fellow bons vivants!


CherylTan said...

I adore rose's--although, I was once chided for ordering "an amateur's wine." I considered noting that I didn't think *I* was the amateur but thought better of it... Salut!

Tina said...

Cheers to that!