Thursday, May 28, 2009


I've been either going out and not cooking, or, just not cooking for the past several nights. That's nothing new. But I have been feeling a little sluggish as a result, and can think of only one remedy. Pocket Coffee!

Pocket Coffee is my all time favorite candy. (I did have a short love affair with the Skor bar, but that was well before I knew of Pocket Coffee's existence.) How those fine people at Ferrero came up with this transcendent candy idea is beyond me. Oh, wait. What IS Pocket Coffee you ask? Aside from the best candy ever? It is the perfect little bite size nugget of liquid espresso encased by a thin sugary shell then enveloped by chocolate. Supposedly three pieces of this magic elixir equals a full shot of regular espresso. Whatever. It's delish.

The problem with Pocket Coffee is that's it's almost impossible to find! I can occasionally find it at Buon Italia in the NYC Chelsea Market, but otherwise it seems that you have to buy it online by the case (not that there's anything wrong with that!). I've also heard that, like the beloved Mallomars, they are only produced seasonally, October through April. (By the way, what is the deal with Mallomars? I personally can only stomach marshmallows when they are toasted and melty and smashed between chocolate and graham crackers. But that's just me.)

Anyway, should anyone have a line on some Pocket Coffee (aside from my friend who just left on a trip to Italy with a shopping list from me) let me know!

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