Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Isn't it Ironic?

I spent the long, holiday weekend not cooking. Here's an example of what I didn't cook:

I also didn't make the cheese or hummus that we enjoyed with that bottle of wine. I was tailgaiting with friends at the Meadowlands before the Bruce Springsteen concert on Saturday night, and for some reason that translated to drinking wine and eating cheese. Duh!

But I did learn my new favorite New Jersey slogan: "We don't pump gas, we pump fists!" in that parking lot. Needless to say, our version of tailgaiting was a little different from most. We were looking pretty out of place sipping our Pinot Noir while the rest of the tailgaters enjoyed tube steaks and Coor's Light. Hey, we left the Riedel at home and drank out of red Solo cups just like everyone else!

Keep it classy, East Rutherford.

(And don't forget to buy your tickets for the final big concert at Giants Stadium before they tear it down!)


stef m said...

a toast to irony! (jealous!)

WendyB said...

Hey, Little Font, did you cheer extra loudly when he says "Wendy" in "Born to Run"?

Tina said...

Totes, Wendy! And can we get everyone to just call me "Little Font" from now on? It sounds official.

Jennifer said...

This looks like a fun tailgate in the swamps of Jerzey. Please pass the Grey Poupon.