Friday, June 17, 2011

Home Brew

Is it Iced Coffee Weather? Hell to the yes. But is that iced coffee worth $3? Probably not. The place I usually go for a morning iced joe suddenly decided to raise their price from $2 to $3. For the same sized serving! For the same crappy coffee! Astounding. I need to get back into making my own.

Fortunately The NY Times has convinced me that I need to buy yet another coffee making device so that I can perfect the ultimate glass of iced coffee. I've tried the cold brew method, and am really happy with adding coffee ice cubes to my iced bevies, but now I think I have to hit the MoMA to buy a Chemex just to make this version of iced coffee.

Classic Chemex

This new and hopefully improved method (once I get around to trying it I will share my experience) looks very interesting. All you do is whip up some classic pour over coffee, remembering to add ice to the vessel before brewing, and...ta-dah...instant iced coffee! I am totally down with this idea and thanks to the folks at Intelligensia, I can follow their already perfected instructions for making coffee with my soon to be purchased Chemex.

Intelligentsia Chemex Brewing Guide from Intelligentsia Coffee on Vimeo.

Iced Method Coffee
(The New York Times)

1 ounce fresh-ground coffee
7 ounces ice
8 ounces water heated to 200˚F, plus extra for rinsing the filter

1. Place a filter in a Chemex (or any filter brew system) and rinse the filter with at least four ounces of hot water. Remove the filter, discard water, place Chemex on a kitchen scale, and add 7 ounces of ice.

2. Replace the filter, add the ground coffee and slowly add 1 ounce of water heated to 200˚F, until the grounds are saturated. Let the grounds “bloom” then deflate, which might take up to 1 minute. Reset the scale to zero and add the remaining 7 ounces of water heated to 200˚F, in a slow, steady stream. Drink immediately.

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Carameliza said...

thanks, T. I've been battling my chemex for a while, it's nice to have really precise instructions!