Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Newsflash: It's Hot.

And my air conditioner is about to crap out. Based on my detailed internet research, it's most likely the result of nasty dirt and debris clogging the coils, rather than the compressor not working or a lack of freon. Eight years of cooling down dirty, swampy NYC air will do that. Gross.

Regardless, my A/C is deciding to die at absolutely the wrong time! Going to an appliance store, picking out a new unit, hauling it back home in a cab, somehow removing and discarding the former disgusting unit, installing the shiny new unit carefully and efficiently, by myself, all sounds like a big pain in the neck. (My super is not very agreeable - I'll have to wave a few Abes around to persuade him to help. If I had the Benjamins, I'd be living in a building with central air!) But I bet I'll complain more when I try to fall asleep when it's still 91˚F at 12:36 am!!!

All that to say, there will be no oven turned on. No stove top turned on. No hair dryer use. Nada. Time to look up all of those "no bake" recipe articles (salads, right?) or get thee to a box of cereal and jug of cold milk. Feeling fancy? I "made" this one night when it was too hot to do much of anything else. Avocado and fresh lump crab meat. I might have also added a few fresh herbs, a diced jalapeno, and/or a little mango, but I didn't have any. And it didn't matter. It was delish with just a squeeze of lemon, drizzle of olive oil, and light sprinkling of salt and pepper. I wish I had it right now. But I think it will be ice cream for dinner. All week.

Oh, and here's my favorite quote so far about the weather this week:


WendyB said...

I wouldn't think of doing all that air conditioning work by myself. That's the kind of thing you pay other people to do!

Jennifer said...

It's actually cooler in Boca, New Orleans and Cairo. I feel for you honey. My AC was on the fritz last month for the last heat wave. Not fun, but your dinner look delic. Of course!

D&D said...

i would have checked into a hotel.