Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Hut Trip Day Two

After a sleepless night (it must have been the altitude - you'd think I would have passed out after that death march!) we got up for some breakfast. I made oatmeal, obviously not good enough for some people...

Mindy made...Oatmeal Brulée!

After breakfast? Chores. Chopping wood. Er...well...carrying the already chopped wood up from beneath the deck. Mindy did chop a lot of kindling. With a real axe!

Time for a fun hike, not to be confused with a death hike.

Hmmm...what's behind this cornice?

Another cornice!

How do we get back? Follow our tracks or off road it? Or both? We might have gotten a little confused and our 2 hour fun hike might have turned into a 3 hour sorta-not-so-fun-anymore hike...

Until we found our way back! Walt! I missed you so.

Time for lunch but I was so famished I forgot to take photos of our delicious panini...which we bought premade the day before and just heated up in a cast iron pan.

Dinner in progress. A vegetarian tortilla fiesta. Corn tortillas, black beans, spinach, green chilies, cheddar cheese, salsa...layered for maximum impact.

Individual tortilla stack of cheesy goodness.

S'more ingredients on the map and compass that we should have used earlier in the day.

Dessert. Broiled s'mores made with top notch chocolate and bottom notch SwirlMallows (which is why they look gray - that would be "chocolate" swirled marshmallows)...a perfect end to a pretty perfect day!

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WendyB said...

Did you use the Ski House Cookbook to help deal with the altitude challenges?