Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Slab or slice?

I think it might finally be time to acknowledge my teeny-tiny obsession with bacon. I realize that bacon overexposure started about two years ago when every Tom, Dick, and Harry jumped on the bacon bandwagon. But sometimes it's just too hard to kick the habit!

I was on board with bacon long before bacon jumped the shark with bacon chocolate bars, bacon explosions, bacon of the month clubs, and bacon vodka. But so what? Like popular TV shows that rely on desperate measures to stay relevant, I keep right on watching!

Since my recent recipes can't help but include bacon as an ingredient, I might as well share my favorite supermarket brand (and I've tasted alot!). To be clear, I am referring to bacon that doesn't require special ordering from some farm in Kentucky. There is a TON of awesome artisanal bacon, but you'd be surprised by what you can find right in your own neighborhood. I am partial to Wellshire Farms Dry Rubbed Center Cut Bacon. (All their uncured bacon is nitrate free!) I prefer a thicker sliced bacon and the center cut variety provides an extra delicious meatiness, yet it still crisps up (I don't like flabby bacon). Alternatively, if you know of a decent local butcher shop or deli, buy a chunk of slab bacon and slice it yourself to your preferred thickness (see the photos above). The point is, if you love bacon as I do, there is no reason to settle for anything but the best, or care if everyone else loves it too. There's plenty for everyone!


stef m said...

why choose? both!

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