Sunday, May 19, 2013

Breaking Bad Part 2

So back to my own personal Breaking Bad episode minus the meth...Over my recent long weekend in New Mexico, I spent a morning horseback riding in Cerrillos, NM, a location found along the historic Turquoise Trail, at the Broken Saddle Riding Company run by cowboy Harold. (Is that a run-on sentence?) My ride for the day was Watson, a Tennessee Walker with a proclivity to snack along the trail, which apparently is against NM laws because the ground cover is so fragile. (Overgrazed dryland pasture may never recover.) During the fabulous 2.5 hour ride I got to know when Watson was trying to fake me out when he was like, "Hey, quick, look over there! I'm just going to have a taste while you're not looking." I don't think so, my friend! Harold sized the riders up right away (and is very diligent about pairing one's weight and abilities with the appropriate horse and is not afraid to ask you to step on the scale...or so he said). He paired our abilities appropriately so that we were not left to languish on a very long horse saunter, and were able to vary our walking speeds, along with racking and cantering. It was super fun and a terrific way to see the back country without fear of stepping on a rattlesnake. I felt compelled to ask about the local rattlers but was told that it was too early for them to come out, but wouldn't you say that to your city girl client, too?

Broken Saddle Office

Watson, my ride

Broken Saddle's unbroken saddle
Me and Watson just chillin'
Broken Saddle Tchotchkes

Cowboy Harold
Broken Saddle Rocker
Broken Saddle Hitching Posts
Christmas at Atrisco

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I love this trip!