Saturday, May 5, 2012

Mexico City Memories

This photo was taken in early 2008 on the roof of a Mexico City hotel where I was staying. I was having one last lunch with friends before we caught our flights home and we were the only ones there except for...the Beastie Boys! They had just wrapped a shoot for MTV from what I could tell. I wish I could say that I am the one in the photo sharing pics of my friend's wedding with them. (Why don't I just say that? You'd never know!) But it's not. I was instead freaking out and trying to figure out how to approach them without looking like a complete idiot. Since I couldn't figure out how to do that, I did the next best thing. I pretended that I was taking pictures of my friends when I was actually taking a photo of them. Slick. It's such a punk move because everybody always knows what you are doing, but the memory still makes me smile. RIP MCA.


WendyB said...

OH EM GEE -- I would totally have believed the blonde was you. You should go with that!

Stacy Lomman said...

Great story TRex!! Made me smile too :)

SPinneo said...

That *IS* you in the photo. Damn.