Sunday, October 16, 2011

Art Prize Autumn

Another year another...ArtPrize! This was the third year of the ginormous art contest and my second year in attendance (and my mother's second year participating). Last year I managed to visit during the first week, so was able to participate in voting. This year I went right at the very end so wasn't able to vote, but did attend the finalist party where the winner (of the major public voting prize) was announced in addition to several juried awards. I spent the next day walking all over town looking at art with the fam for 6 hours or so, with a pit stop at Reserve to refuel. The weather was amazeballs so I basically spent the entire weekend outside, topping it all off with donuts at Robinette's (again!) and a trip to the beach. Now, after a lengthy delay (while I looked up details of everything that I took photos of!)...I present: A Fall Weekend in Western Michigan.

Mom's painting The Four Horses

Detail of Mom's painting - nail polish used in the highlights

Rain by Lynda Cole

Serial Reproduction by Meir Lobaton

The other perspective

Look and Learn, Little Girl Series by Jess Larson

Branches Unbound by Wendy Wahl

Salvaged Landscape by Catie Newell

Detail of the charred wood salvaged from a Detroit house hit by arson

A former location of Junior Achievement utilized by Site Lab as a gallery

Wall detail

Disappearances - An Eternal Journey by Shinji-Turner Yamamoto

Detail of Disappearances

View from the opposite direction

Tele-present Water by David Bowen

Glass Totems by Todd Kime

Prosciutto pit stop

Early birthday candle

Art walk at sunset

Robinette's! Donuts! Sugar!

Have you ever seen a bluer sky?

Grand Haven, MI

GH Pier

The Big Lake

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Your mom is so talented!